Feb 2021 - Climate and Carbon

We know how deeply you care about the future of your woods. That's why we've developed the Master Woodland Owner: Climate and Carbon class for woodland owners who want to be stewards of their land: now and in the future.

This comprehensive education program will leave woodland owners with an understanding of climate and its role in keeping woodlands healthy. Trees and woodlands store and sequester an incredible amount of carbon - a valuable resource and a source of “natural capital”. This program is designed to show woodland owners the importance of climate and carbon as it applies to their woodlands.

Education to Fit your Schedule

This is a virtual course that meets online. No in-person components are scheduled. 

  • Ten self-paced modules are offered online through the Canvas course website. Each module contains pre-recorded videos, exercises, and group discussions on woodland stewardship topics. Complete the work on your schedule, while still contributing to group learning. 
  • Nine online meet-ups will be held over Zoom with instructors on specific topics relating to climate and carbon in woodlands. Instructors will answer your questions and to provide an opportunity to meet with and learn from professionals and fellow woodland owners.

Comprehensive Learning

After completing the Climate and Carbon program, you will

  • Have an expanded vision for your woodland,
  • Understand the importance of climate and carbon in shaping woodlands, 
  • Understand how to make your woodland more resilient to future changes, 
  • Know which professionals to contact if you need assistance.

Course schedule

View the course schedule here.

Course expectations and outcomes

View the course expectations and outcomes here.


Register here. A rate of $195 includes the first two family members. Additional members may register for $50. 

Questions about the course? Contact Matt Russell, russellm@umn.edu, 612-626-4280

This educational program is supported by the University of Minnesota Extension.